Sync- Sense

Sync makes sense.

Sync-sense acknowledges what we experience everyday, but may not realize: that we are all inter-connected. What one of us does, affects what the people around do, think, feel, sense.  A virus kills one person, and thousands get a virus of fear within them. Fear spreads virally. So does forgiveness, love, happiness, caring, compassion. A soldier helps a child, and that moment of tenderness also spreads virally. From one, carried through empathy, conversation, social media, news media the event radiates outward in a ripple effect to the whole world.

You see, we’re always in sync. The choice we have, is how we want to sync. Even more important, what do we want to add to the river of sync?

Do you want to enhance the stream of fear, or transform it? You can join those who are transforming the stream of fear by bringing clarity, compassion, perspective, love, compassion, forgiveness to calm it down.

How do you enhance your sync-sense?

  • Adopt an activity or practice that helps you smile, which you can do for at least ten minutes everyday
  • For ten minutes of that activity or practice send your highest vibration into the world. Send love to Mother Earth and all living and nonliving beings on earth. Then open to receive the love that others are sending.
  • Over time, you will find that you are sync-ing everyday at ten minutes past a UTC hour.

What else might happen? Keep sharing. We feel it will bring about a world that is wonderful for all, since we are all in sync.

Use your sync-sense. Like the sixth sense, it will not fail you. Even better, it will bring about a world that is dreaming to life.

©2014 Meenakshi Suri

sync sense


Share this message please! The sync-sense comes from the very essence of you.
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