Mother Earth ~ Father Time


 Mother Earth is calling.

Father Time is guiding.


It is the call of Gaia: the consciousness of everyone and everything on our planet.

Many people around the world are coming together in peace, harmony & oneness.

There are many global movements and events of prayer, meditation, light channeling, mindful focus & self-growth.

All are welcome, and Mother Earth celebrates you. Let us sync our separate practices. With time.

Can you hear, see, feel, sense Mother Earth’s call? Can you take Father Time’s guidance?

Please share this message with all.

Use the Universal Time Coordinated as a tool to synchronize:

At 10 minutes past any hour UTC, radiate all your happiness, smile, joy, light into the world

Radiate for ten minutes or more, receive for ten minutes or more.

This radiance pulsates around our planet every hour, bringing about a world of happy smiles for all.

Share this with all whom you love:

Synchronize. Gaia is calling you.



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