Sync-ing Full Moon to New Moon

Let us Sync with the crystals in the Heart of Mother Earth.

crystal grid ms

Crystal Workers from around the world are joining together to create Crystal Grids with a common Intention. Join this event and create a Crystal Grid for Peace. Each grid becomes a link in a Global Grid.

Whether you are an experienced Crystal Gridder or you are new to crystals, we hope that you will Grid for Peace! You can even grid with flowers and other symbols if you don’t have crystals!

What is a Crystal Grid??? Go here to learn more about Crystal Grids.

Create and activate your grid on the Full Moon on December 6th 2014 and keep it active, meditate with it, work with the crystals, feed the energy with incense, flowers or whatever inspires you through the New Moon on December 21st 2014 which is also the Solstice.

From Full Moon to New Moon, join in setting up a resonance for Peace that enfolds the world.

Let’s Be Peace!

A Message to Share has been circling the globe since the Full Moon of October 2013.
The waves of loving light are circling the globe every hour. Have you joined? Please share.


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