Sync~ Whole

Today we gather as children born of light ~ the BEing of Oneness, nondual, all-encompassing, all-knowing, unshakeable, unbreakable, within all. Whole.

Today we gather as Ones who absorb knowledge into knowing.

We sing our song of harmony

Bathe in unconditional love.

Radiate love to all beings.

Intend our highest purpose to play out on earth.

Relate to self and others with joy, vibrancy, fairness, caring,

Walk the earth with awareness, receiving and radiating her nurturing warmth.

Today, as I pray, meditate, walk, exercise, yoga, taichi, qigong, heal, clean, prepare food, eat, dance, look into the eyes of my fellow beings – I am in sync with the whole of life. I sync with Mother Earth and all her children: alive, inert, sentient, insentient, elemental, organic, atomic, subatomic.

So every moment of my day becomes extra-ordinary.

In sync.

Share this message with all. It will refresh and renew all who read it.

Gaia is calling.

In loving light,

~Meenakshi ‘connector’

Art: Ronnie Biccard
Art: Ronnie Biccard

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