Celebrate one another – 8 days of the Green Menorah

Today, the Jewish people begin an eight-day celebration of Hanukkah. Join the celebration of freedom and conservation of resources. Connect with love and light. That’s all we need in this colorful world, filled with so many hues. Celebrate one another. Celebrate those who are like you and those who are not like you. In this way, we drink the nectar of life.

Source: https://theshalomcenter.org/
Source: https://theshalomcenter.org/
By fusing the tree and the menorah, the Green Menorah becomes the symbol of the intertwining of adamah (Earth) and adam (human earthlings).
It also symbolizes a Jewish commitment to renew the miracle of Hanukkah in our own generation: Using one day’s oil to meet eight days’ needs; doing our part so that by 2020, U.S. oil consumption is cut by seven-eighths.
In that way, in our own generation we can rededicate the universal Temple of Planet Earth, as the Talmud describes the rededication of the ancient Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

A Jewish proverb says: “A mother understands what a child does not say.” Do we children understand what our Mother Earth does not say? Today, she is calling to us, her children, to love one another, and thus to show our gratitude to her for her gifts to us. We hear you, Mother Earth. Every hour, we connect to one another in our hearts, and as we do so, we set up an hourly wave of light that enlightens us all. Share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

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