Sync as you Shine Your Light

Today, when you feel someone helped you or you help someone to feel happier, shine the light of your actions in the world. Share your light by writing, supporting, helping, thanking.

There are many walking the world with us who are helping one another to wake up and shine their light. Look around you – a child, a teacher, a healer, a student. Reach out your hand. Help, be helped. Together, we are on a journey to wholeness.
via Meenakshi Suri, Feeling misunderstood? Shine Your Light.

Become aware of the people around you who are also shining their light. Receive and radiate. At 10 minutes past any UTC hour, you will be in sync with millions of others around the world.

Sync is helping your light to shine in the world. It is helping you to see the light of others known and unknown.

In gratitude, we thank our Mother Earth for giving us life and light in this world.

Share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

rays of light boat couple

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