Sync- Solstice : Holy – days

This is a time that is holy, sacred

This is a time of happiness, smiles

This is a time of holidays, solstice

Participate and sync with  the December 20-21st global events.

This is the December solstice, when the earth nears the sun and its tilt brings winter to the Northern hemisphere, and summer to the Southern hemisphere.

The holy days are ones for deep connection: to the divine spark within, to the divinity in each one of us, and the divinity in the oneness connection of us all.

Here you are. An individual, a family each diverse but united, a society  made of a richness of song, colour, tradition, a nation of living beings of diverse kingdoms, earth that is made of separate and unique elements, minerals, flora, fauna, life forms sentient and insentient, spinning together in a vast universe of controlled chaos.Midnight Sun, Toolik Lake, Alaska, USA

One light shines from many windows. In this light we are inter-connected, unique, one.

With this thought let us sync.

Ten minutes past any time Universal Time Coordinated we are one. In Hourly Universal Global Sync.

Share this message with all. Gaia is calling.


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