Christmas spirals around the world

Receive the radiant blessings of Christmas as trees are lit up around the world, astronauts send Christmas greetings, and the air is filled with greetings of joy, peace, merriment. Whether you believe in Jesus Christ, Santa Claus or the Gods of Commerce, many people enjoy this season, and many countries in the world have a holiday on Christmas Day.

Gaia Christmas Tree

How do you celebrate this day? Prayer? Mass? Shopping? Gifting? Donating? Friends? Family? All of the above?

Here’s a take on the energy of the Christmas tree which is now seen in even more countries worldwide:

The Christmas tree is often shown as a spiral. That is the Neutro spiral energy, the smile energy of the universe operating in our body. Spiral movements, as in the Smile Taiji and Twist Gymnastics devised by Prof. Park Jae Woo, help to align us with our planetary and universal home – both within and without.

~ Explore the Energy of the Christmas Tree.


Today, whatever you do that raises your vibration, send the radiation of that feeling to the world. Receive the love. Radiate the love. At 10 minutes past any hour UTC, you will be enhancing the sync of the world. You may reach the serene smile of wordless prayer.

Please share this message with all. It is a gift that spirals up as it send Hourly Universal Global Sync – HUGS around the world…like the energy of the Christmas tree that is hugging the Mother Earth today.

Gaia Christmas Tree

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