Stay steady in sync

Stay steady and sync, dear friend
Center yourself as in a raft that can sink if you falter
Keep your eyes on the dream of a world of peace
Your feet on the ground of harmony
Your hands grasping firmly the oars that help to navigate your raft.

In choppy waters, as people’s emotions swell, rage and despair, it is sync that will show them the light. In times of horror as deluded souls destroy what they themselves seek, it is sync that will guide their delusion to disappear.

We rejoice in the children who channel light into the world everyday. The ones inviting soul smile  into the mind, body and life.of those around them, the ones who are in wordless prayer every day in a Gaia Minute.

We cannot solve the problems that beset our world, the Universal Drama requires each human being to play their role. However, there is one role that can benefit everyone: spend just 9 or 10 minutes every day in an activity that helps you to become aware of millions of smile, acts of compassion, wordless prayers, kindness, gentleness, love being felt and shown.

Those who resort to terror are ignorant of their own religions. Study a religion deeply – within it is the pearl of peace. Here are some pearls from our library One Light Many Windows on Peace & Harmony

We can use our energy to tip the scales – which side do you choose? To tip the raft over the waterfall, and help it to sail safely? It’s your choice.

In our daily practice, we begin to build a raft that will bring solace to many. Are you ready? Start rowing!


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