Speak to the earth

earth is what I speak to
when I do not understand my life
Nor why I am not heard.
The earth answers me in the same song
That it sang for my fathers when
Their tears covered up the sun.
The earth sings a song of gladness.
The earth rises up and laughs at me
Each time that I forget
How spring begins with winter
And how death begins with birth.

~ Nancy Wood

wordless prayer sepia

Here is one who is a companion all our life – our planet earth, our Mother Earth. Spend 10 minutes or more every day and tune in to her.

At 10 minutes past any UTC hour, you will be in sync with millions around the globe. Without technology, whether face to face or alone, wherever you are.

Hourly Universal Global Sync is helping to bring benefit to everyone in the world. Receive. Radiate. That is how the world changes to one we all dream of.

HUG(e) HUG(s) BY, FROM and FOR everyone in  the world.  https://syncgaiahug.wordpress.com

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