Sync-ambulate the world


We live
in a universe of movement.
Even more interesting, we live in a
universe where there is movement around
a center.The Milky Way galaxy moves, the solar system
around the center of the Milky Way,
and our Mother Earth, along with her
brother and sister planets,
revolves around our
central sun

Our internal energy structures or chakras rotate around a center. In other words, they circumambulate.

Perhaps this is the origin of circumambulation among people in all religious traditions. They circle a  sacred center in prescribed ways – clock-wise, counter-clockwise,  for a certain number of encircles, at a certain time or observance,  or sometimes in any order that moves them. Together – monks, priests, clergy and devotees circle the sacred center with prayers or chants, dancing, meditating in mindful, devotion. In this way, they receive the blessing, and when we are aware of it, the blessing is radiated out from the sacred space into the world.

Sacred spaces on our planet transcend the religions that have contributed to their upkeep, and today, they attract people of an expanded consciousness. All together,  in the form of a circle or grid, the sacred spaces form a center in our consciousness. In our daily sync, we are keeping Gaia at the center: Mother Earth with all sentient and insentient beings, our planet with the special spaces that have become sacred to our brothers and sisters.

When millions of us choose a daily practice to send high vibrations into the world,   waves of loving light emanate from our individual practice, and circumambulate the sacred center. Light embraces the world, circumambulating from heart to heart, lighting up our life with wonder, beauty and grace.

Can you feel it? Right now, feel the loving power of Mother Earth’s sacred spaces. It is freely available to all who are open to it.

As Eli, Swami Shraddhananda said:

Although we know that the blessings are around,
but to be aware of the blessings
we’re to put our palm the right way up
so that it comes into our palm.
That is the prayer which has the maximum power.

H.U.G.S.  Hourly Universal Global Sync
Hourly Universal Global Sync

Circumabulate the heart of Mother Earth everyday. An Hourly Universal Global Sync sends out HUG(e) HUG(s) to the world.

Make this daily sync a regular habit. It will transform the life of you, me and the world in a way that is unimaginably beautiful.

In loving light


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