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For wishes have wings

In our daily sync today, we are cosmic beings flowing as neutrino particles, enfolding our Mother Earth in hugs of light.

Journey In Wholeness

Like a pulsar star your heart beats a wish.


I wish for peace in the world

The wish flows into the vast cosmos of unlimited possibility. It is now like a neutrino, a prayer without form yet the messenger that infuses the universe, unseen, unfelt  yet deeply sensedray from ring


The prayer comes back, always answered, curving as it enters our consciousness, becoming an intention.

I feel the peace in the world. It underlies all the chaos above. And so it is.

prayer wish intention heart

Prayer is always wordless. Like a neutrino is detected from the effects of its being,  we can know prayer through the wish that  we feel,  the  words of asking, the intention we verbalize. The heart may beat a wish , the mind may verbalize an intention but in the pauses between heartbeats,   we are in prayer.

cosmic consciousness

About neutrinos

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About Gaia Consciousness

Gaia consciousness is the awareness that all sentient and insentient beings on Mother Earth's planetary body are inter-connected. As human beings are waking to this, I am facilitating, witnessing and recording. ~ Meenakshi Suri

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This entry was posted on January 23, 2015 by in News.

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