Sync for Freedom

How do we become free? It helps to know that we  are all one humanity, yet each of us is unique. We are all together in this planet earth, yet some of us belong to one religion or another or none, one country or another, one race or another.

Many years ago two social psychologists, Kluckhohn and Murray put it concisely [in the days when ‘men’ meant ‘person’]:

EVERY MAN is in certain respects
a. like all other men,
b. like some other men,
c. like no other man.

That is our freedom – we have the security of family, community, society, like the roots of a tree. We have the freedom of feeling and thought, and if we are fortunate, of expression, like the branches of a tree. We have the happiness of knowing that we are unique, separate, different, always changing, growing, expanding, like the trunk of a tree.

Today, let this realization be your moment of sync.

Send love
to everyone on our earthly home,
to your near and dear ones,
to yourself.

Receive love from Mother Earth and all her children of the world, your communities and yourself. At 10 minutes past every hour, we sync. In the still silent space of our heart, we are free.


Loving light radiates the planet. We are all blessed. Let us stay in this awareness, and return to it whenever we falter.

~Meenakshi Suri, Let go of the restraining wheel.

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