Spring-sync with sun and moon

There’s a sync in seven hours of earth, moon and sky.

There’s a sync of seasons as the Northern Hemisphere springs, and the Southern hemisphere falls into autumn, an ideal time to start something new. This time, let it be a daily sync.

It’s always exciting when the three celestial beings get in sync: one always manages to hide another! This time, it is the new moon, which we would normally not see, coming between earth and sun as the sun rises in the northern reaches of the world. People in Faroe Islands, Greenland,Norway, Iceland, northern Scotland will experience total solar eclipse. Southward, there will be areas of partial eclipse.

Solar eclipse can be viewed safely online at http://live.slooh.com/stadium/live/the-total-solar-eclipse-of-2015

If you’re in the area of eclipse, you need special glasses or other tools.


Since a solar eclipse is always a new moon, it represents a new beginning. Considering that it takes place a few hours before the Spring Equinox, it will be colored by strong red frequencies of Aries that begins a few hours after the eclipse. The Spring Equinox, true to its name, helps us spring into action.



So here is something to start this:

  • Choose a time – any time
  • Choose an activity that helps you to feel elevated, happy, joyful, brimming with love – it can be yoga, meditation, walking, dancing, singing, chanting, taichi-ing, qigong-ing, channeling light, healing.
  • Decide to do this activity EVERY DAY at the SAME TIME.
  • When you do, you will join the Hourly Universal Global Sync- a pulsating wave that flows around the world, intensifying at ten minutes past any hour.

Are you in sync?

Yes! Now, share this message with all. Gaia is calling: our Mother Earth and all beings.



Learn about the eclipse here: http://earthsky.org/tonight/supermoon-to-stage-total-eclipse-of-the-sun-on-march-20

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