Hourly waves intensify at the Full Moons

Every day, millions of blessings flow into the etheric space which affects our emotions, general feeling of well-being and inspiration.

Every hour, a wave radiates around the world. Thank you for contributing to the general wellness of the world.

All this is possible because of sync.

Celestials also sync: the coming two Full Moons of April and May are powerful. April 4th is lunar eclipse, when the Earth will show her face on the moon.

Here is a playful look at how this happens:

Art by Rob Gonsalves
Art by Rob Gonsalves


May 4th is the Wesak, Full Moon in Taurus, also called Full Flower Moon when the ascended beings, the Buddha energy floods the world.

sync wesak week Buddhas

These events will flood the hourly wave with new energy, and the hourly wave of people, each joining at their own time, will help to disperse it in gentle waves.

Please share this message with all – through Twitter, Facebook, Tsu, Instagram and other ways that you connect to social media:

Connect to the Hourly Universal Global Sync once a day, with any practice that raises your vibration. It intensifies at 10 minutes past any UTC hour.

Gaia ~our Mother Earth with all beings ~ is calling.


Family of Sync individuals and global movements.

Facebook event: Sync- Harmony of Wesak – 2nd/ 3rd / 4th May Full Moon Gatherings

Spiritual Networks :Free Worldwide Meditations – Full Moon Wesak Week : April 28th- May 4th 2015

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