What we need is a Love Explosion

♬ “There is only time for singing and praying and having a Love Party.
Go check out the times, baby.
What we need is a Love Explosion.
We don’t have no time to waste.
Got to pray and meditate
on the birdies and the bees and the flowers
and the trees and the fishes in the rivers
and on all the things He give us
on your body in His image
and your power with no limits,
on your heart and your soul
and your purpose and your goals,
on your reasons and your rhymes
and your seasons and your times,
on your family and your bible
and your knowledge of survival.
Meditation deep within,
that’s the way it begins.” ♪ ♩

Lyrics and song by Uncle Marvin Gaye

Art by © Gaia Orion
Art by © Gaia Orion http://www.artbygaia.com/main/2galerie.html

Let’s explode in love for our planet, Mother Earth, and for all living beings and atomic beings around us.

At 10 minutes past every hour UTC a wave of loving light flows around the planet. Receive. Radiate. Share.


[With thanks to Nanda Jurela who posted this on facebook]


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