You shine…now sync

To all global movements and leaders of global reach:

You shine in the world of healing, meditation, light. You see the coming of the dawn of peace, happiness and prosperity for all in this world. You are the hope and the means through which a golden era is coming.

At a distance, you see another light. It’s time now, to synchronize our scattered energies, to strengthen the focus of our efforts in bringing positive vibrations to the world.

Please share with your followers, colleagues, clients, patients, friends, e-lists, networks a beautiful awareness:

There is an hourly wave pulsating around the planet, freely bringing healing, peace, love, oneness to all who are open to receive and radiate.
All we have to do to receive, is to open our hearts, our arms, our palms to receive the blessings.  Absorb. Then, we radiate the blessings. Each of us is a pillar of light. Together, we bring light into this beautiful world of ours. Separate, we shine. Together, we radiate.Separate, we are individuals of remarkable brightness. Together, we are the light of Gaia.

​​Please ​ask your network of followers and friends to be aware of this connection in a regular daily practice, to contribute by writing, painting or simply signing up and sharing to receive and radiate The Daily Sync from

Also, please write or paint or otherwise share your talents on this website

In loving light
Meenakshi Suri
Convenor, SyncTeams
for the Sync Family of Global Movements: Hourly Universal Global Sync
Sync – Every day, 10 minutes past any UTC hour


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