Messages from Gaia

danceIt is over, this game that has been played and the players have completed their task in waking up the rest of humanity to the fact that your physical vessel is reliant upon the health of the planet and that all of you must act together to heal her and each other. It is a task that must be undertaken by those who live here. We, who live in the higher frequency worlds and have no bodies, cannot perform this task for you. You are the ones who were selected to come here and you are the ones tasked with moving the collective and the planet into the higher frequencies, for the benefit of the entire Universe.

via The Light Collective and Mother Gaia: In the Wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

Get in Sync with love, gratitude and compassion

Choose any practice that raises your vibration.
Choose any regular time that calls to you.
Practice every day.
The sync will show its face in this world and the world of dream will become a world of reality.
Hourly Universal Global Sync.
HUG(e) HUG(s) for each one of us~ animal, plant, human.

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