Sync in infinite consciousness

Infinite consciousness is in all.
Breathe in. Connect.
Let breath lighten every particle of your being.
Breathe out. Radiate your Be-ing.

“The mountains, the forests, the earth and the sky–all these are but infinite consciousness. That alone is the very beginning of all, the reality in all.
In the very beginning that pure infinite consciousness appeared to become whatever form it took whenever it manifested itself. Till now it continues to be so.
When life-breath enters into bodies and begins to vibrate the various parts, it is said that those bodies are living.
Such living bodies existed right in the beginning of creation. When those bodies into which the life-breath had entered did not vibrate, they were known as trees and plants. ”
From ~The Concise Yoga Vasistha ed.Swami Venkatesananda

With breath we connect.

With flows we sync.
The flows of consciousness, the passage of time, the movement of a clock.
All are infused in consciousness
~In loving light

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infinite consciousness trees


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