Jai jagat — hail the world

Wonderful rallying song for the sync that has started in this world. At 10 minutes past every hour, a wave of loving light traverses this planet. All can receive. Absorb. Radiate. Share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

Jai Jagat pukare ja
O human Hail the world

Sir aman pe vaare ja
Stand up for peace

Sab ke heet ke vaaste
For everyones wellbeing

Aapna sukh visare ja
Forget personal gains

Prem ki pukar ho
Let the voice of love echo

Sab ka sab se pyar ho
Let everyone loves each other

Jeet ho jahan ki
Let the entire world win

Kyo kisi ki haar ho
Why should anyone lose

Jai jagat — hail the world

Nyay ka vidhan ho
Let justice prevail

Sab ka haak saman ho
Let everyone get the rightful and needful

Sab ki aapni ho zamin
Let this earth be for all

Sab ka aasman ho
Let this sky be for all

Jai jagat — hail the world

Rangbhed chod do
Eradicate racism

Ooch nich tood do
Break all classism

Dharmbhed chod do
Eradicate religious barriers

Jatipati tood do
Break all casteism

Manavo ki aapsi
For every human being

Akhand preet jod do
Let there be love

Jai jagat — hail the world

Shanti ki haava che
The wind of peace blows

Jaag kahe vale vale
Entire world dance in peace

Din ugai sneh ka
The day of love arises

Raat ranj kid hale
The eve of sadness ends

Jai jagat — hail the world

Daar ke jina chod do
Stop living with fear

Daara ke jina chod do
Don’t make others fearful

Prem or anand ke
Let Love and peaceful

Jeevan mai raang ghol do
Add color to life

Jai jagat — hail the world

~Dr S N Subbarao


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