The Earth is really our Mother ~ Hug her every day

“It is very important, very necessary at this time that we humans return to a child-mother relationship … By talking to [Mother Earth], by being with her, by giving thanks to her. By crying to her when we need her nourishment. As long as we learn again and practice again, [to have] a good relationship with Mother Earth, there is hope that we may continue being here.” ~ Arkan Lushwala, indigenous ceremonial leader from Peru


Be With Mother Earth Ana iS
Be With Mother Earth Ana iS

This project asks only that you observe solemn and spiritual silence with gratitude for our Mother Earth and all the ways she cares for us as part of herself. May we understand in our hearts how deep and true and powerful her Mother-love for each of us is. We are some part of her. May we be mindful that our highest qualities are a reflection of her highest qualities. May we be mindful that our Mother Earth is the source of all sustenance and the nurturing of our very lives. In contemplation, may we realize truly our inextricable ONENESS with our Mother Earth. ~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’, founder of Gaia Minute

At 10 minutes past every hour UTC, in Hourly Universal Global Sync, we, the children of Mother Earth give her HUG(e) HUG(s)

Receive. Absorb. Radiate. Gaia is calling



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