Sync with the Giving Prayer

“The prayer that I am suggesting is, pray for nothing. Pray just for the sake of praying. And there is not even an intention… there’s nothing. There’s just you and the universe. There’s just being. Just expanding. Just giving…
The closest I can tell you is that of mother feeding breast milk to a baby. That giving. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing, not even an intention. That is the highest level of prayer.
At that level you lose words, you don’t even have words. You don’t really have words at that point … you just sort of overflow from inside. And that goes out and creates the vibration.”
Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’, Daily Wordless Prayer of the Gaia Minute

Gaia Minute giving


One comment

  1. Please, imagine the Gaian’s spiritual breath for balance Her heartbeats in an hourly rhythm. Ever kid aware own Mother’s Earth feels oneself as active cell of Her heart-brain–system. S/he pray wordlessly, consciously do tune to Sync at least once a day. Every believer does this regardless of which Mosque or Church s/he belongs. The single tool to this is one world-wide fix appointment to quarter past the UTC hour. Let choose always the middle of first half of any UTC hour. Enough to launching the “Sync”–process that globally harmonize the global heartbeats of our motherly Gaia planet.


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