Sync for a perfect world

What is your dream for a world that is perfect?

Thousands of years ago, at this time celebrated as Deepavali, a perfect world came about. It was called Ramrajya, or the rule of Lord Rama.

A glimpse:

Everyone was devoted to his own duty
according to class and stage of life,
and ever following the Vedic path
was happy and free from fear, sorrow and disease.

All men displayed mutual affection
and intent on scriptural precept,
followed their proper duty.
7.20, 7.21.2

Yet under Lord Rama’s benevolent direction, this earthly order, far from oppressing human beings, produced a freedom hardly earthly at all—a world in which even the most elemental limits were transcended.

No one was ever pained by untimely death,
everyone had beautiful and healthy bodies.

Forest trees constantly blossomed and bore fruit,
elephants and tigers dwelt in harmony.
Trees and creepers dripped honey on request,
cows yielded milk at a mere wish,
the earth was always filled with crops,
the Krita Age reappeared in the Treta.

The moon flooded the earth with nectar,
the sun offered just enough heat,
you asked the cloud and it released rain—
in the realm of Ramchandra!
7.21.5; 7.23.1,5,6; 7.23

This vision of a peaceable kingdom in which time itself is reversed and the Golden Age recreated suggests a harmonious balance between order and transcendence. By perfect adherence to divinely sanctioned order, heaven is brought to earth, and so, apparently, the fundamental tension of the epic is resolved.

~ Sri Ramcharitmanas, Uttarkand

Harmony ~ how are your actions and presence bringing it about every day?

Hourly Universal Global Sync intensifies at 10 minutes past every UTC hour. Please sync your practice of harmony once a day at any hour.

Please share this message with all – it is important to co-ordinate our efforts into a daily practice that focuses our collective efforts for the world. Gaia is calling – Mother Earth with all beings.

By Sunil Linus De


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