Sync embraces all

The Hourly Universal Global Sync embraces all – individuals, movements, groups because it is orgone-like – an energy that is universal; not an organization that requires to be joined. Yet, all organizations are in the sync.

This website, run by volunteers, has a purpose to show the world that we are synchronized with one another, and when we are aware of this sync, and use this awareness to focus on a world that benefits all, this  will help to bring that world about.


Anomalous Orgone-Blue Lumination in the Northern Greek Mountains (Unretouched photograph of the ‘Valia Calda’ in the Pindos area, by G. Tzatzanis,1992. )
One day, when that world is here, there is no need to share this message, as it will infuse the actions, feelings, daily life,  sense of purpose of all beings. But until then, it is you – the individual – to whom we look, to participate and share. For organizations have their own specific message, and however universal it is, they need to share it from their viewpoint. The sync embraces all viewpoints. It would be great if organizations linked – and we continue to try that path as well – as you will see in our Soul Family page. But we have come to realize it is easier to approach individuals than organizations!

The Hetero [individual] energy brings about openeness to change. The Homo [group] energy requires sameness, a contraction of purpose. But together, they are Neutro ` the harmonizing force. Sync is Neutro. That is why it brings about a world of smile for all.

Collective focus is crucial – once a day for each individual; once every hour collectively. That is why thousands are required in each time zone.

astronaut think blue line
Thin Blue Line of Earth – astronaut Scott Kelley

What will that world look like? Let’s see what we ~ humanity, human race, homo sapiens or homo luminous ~ bring about together!

Share this message with all. There is an intensifying of the collective focus as a force of goodwill at 10 minutes past every UTC hour.

Please become aware and dedicate your actions to the good of all.

Hourly Universal Global Sync

Gaia is calling. Sages are speaking of it. Organizations are forming around it. Individuals are sensing it.

orgone gaia

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