Sync as nature does

Nature shows us how

The sun shines, waters flow, breeze blows, plants and trees gently sway, and birds and people gather in stillness to watch the light brightening.
Shine light in the world so that the whole world is transformed.
This year, let us synchronize our smiling hearts
Just as nature does
This is the dawning of a year
Of Gaia consciousness
Meenakshi Suri

The sun rises at a known clock-time. Will you not synchronize as nature does? Thousands have begun to do so – meditate or wordlessly pray at fixed times around the globe, so that at 10 minutes past every hour, there is a deepening of harmony flowing around the world. Do you not feel that this is what the world needs? The Elders have shown us, that this is what each one of us can do for the world. Just sync. A simply powerful way to do this:
Hourly Universal Global Sync.
Your practice, your time, your presence at a fixed time every day. You too are as the sun. You too rise for thousands every day. Did you know that? Your presence is so special, so needed by those who are still struggling.
Thank you for listening to the call of Gaia.

sync as nature does group med sunrise

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