How can we sync when your time is different from mine?

We live in an amazing world of confusing clock-time.

Relax. Breathe. Sync.

It all comes together.
sync space time map

At 10 minutes past every hour UTC, a wave of high vibration flows around the world. It is fueled by people meditations, prayers, intentions, healing, love. We are all over the world, diverse, different, not known to one another. But for those brief moments  – we are one. And those brief moments are changing each person, each space, each time, now.

Hourly Universal Global Sync.

Are you here now?

Please share this message.

Gaia is calling.




  1. It doesn’t matter: How one names it? SYNC = SHIFT = Change = CALL = Gaia’s Wish = etc, = … = …

    Matter, you take part in. Ten minutes once or twice every day, regularly.
    Always a quarter past the UTC hour. Ten minutes only of your regard.
    Then you are in Remote-Togetherness within WE-–Consciousness of millions.

    Think: The Wave of vibrating foci covers our Glob around. Hourly.
    You are called to rise it by taking part. Simple to be within.
    . Again, again. Always again …

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