In sync we flow

The flowing river is lost in the sea; the illumined sage is lost in the Self. The flowing river has become the sea; the illumined sage has become the Self. Those who know the Self, become the Self.

— Mundaka Upanishad

When we synchronize we are the ocean in which we flow; we are the sage lost in the Self; we are the sage who is illumined.

Together, we are illumined. Separate, we may seem brilliant, but we fizzle out like fireworks.

Here is a simple way in which to synchronize over all time zones: at 10 minutes past any UTC hour, just once a day, practice something that raises your vibration. This will benefit you immensely. You will feel the support of millions around the world. Your meditation, your practice, your mindfulness will become easier.

hands light flow

Hourly Universal Global Sync. Sync, for we are Gaia – i.e. our Mother Earth and all life forms, elements and minerals.

Share this message with all. Gaia is calling



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