Who’ll be the 100th monkey?

This is one reason to sync….

It all comes down to each and every individual making a choice: am I going to take responsibility for understanding the innate intelligence that resides in my own consciousness and learn how to think from that place? Or am I going to focus on the problems that exist in the world with the hopes that ‘someone’ else will fix them?

If you chose the first one, then maybe you are the hundredth monkey who will tip the scales towards a critical mass of great awakening!

~Seth Leaf Pruzansk

Source: The 100th Monkey Effect and the Approaching Revolution of Unified Consciousness

It’s not just monkeys. Human beings are also within the collective consciousness, so far present as a tribal unconsciousness. We are becoming aware that we are inter-connected, that one person sharing a message with another, can bring about massive changes. Can you be that one person?
Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling. Gaia is the collective consciousness of Mother Earth and all beings on the planet earth. Can you feel her call, her embrace, her love?

monkey meditating

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