Spring for the Sync ~ Fall into Harmony

Happy Spring! Happy Autumn-of-the-FALLing leaves!

We are almost at the first Full Moon of Spring and this time, the earth’s shadow will embrace the moon on March 23, 2016 at 9:39:31 AM UTC. Astronomers call it a penumbral lunar eclipse. If you look up at the moon, you may detect a slight shadow, but you may not.

The Elders tell us that this is a special time for meditation, for channeling light,  for connecting with the heart of Mother Earth which beats in your own heart, flows within you and radiates from your center. This is the energy of spring in the Northern hemisphere and autumn in the Southern hemisphere. Have you noticed that in some places, you are experiencing both – spring and autumn?

Planet Earth experiences both spring and autumn. Mother Earth sustains us through spring and autumn. Gaia consciousness helps us to synchronize with this dual experience, feeling both, sensing both, even while experiencing the special energy of each, depending on where we live.

In your daily sync today, focus on the energy springing up from the earth, and falling down from the sky. Feel it meeting at the center of your being, and radiating out into the whole world. Stay in this feeling, merged with Self, and emerge in loving gratitude for this world of wonder that we live in smile.gaia

In loving light


What’s a penumbral lunar eclipse ?[EarthSky website]

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