Sync for Harmony

sync for harmonyDear Friends,

We’d like to introduce you to the newest entrant of our Sync Family:

Sync For Harmony

The name  “Sync For Harmony” has two meanings. First, it reflects its origin from H.U.G.S*:  *Hourly.Universal.Global Sync.  Second, it reflects their role as a multi-regional, multi-faith group which provides support to United Religions Initiative (URI) as one of their Cooperation Circles, in striving to “create cultures of peace and healing for the Earth and all living beings” and to to protect and preserve the Earth for both present and future generations”. 
Sync for Harmony is inviting people to join the groups. To Sign Up please contact through the website. They will  be sending in a group application which will include your name, address, e-mail and phone as optional, as part of a cooperation circle in honor of URI’s initiative.
The Sync for Harmony initiative acts from natural meditation practices which are synced, showing how to perform group-UTC timed daily good intentions for Gaia: our Mother Earth and all sentient and insentient beings.
We feel the Sync for Harmony is a reflection of Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’s One Light Many Windows, and are delighted at this flow of sync.
We are watching in delight and reporting wherever Gaia consciousness is awakening. Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling.


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