In sync we’re Gaia

Gaia spoke:

I am so much more than what you think, and yet all that you know. I am your Mother Earth and I am also you. I am the fingers that are typing and the eyes that are reading. The computer screen and the car, the buffalo and the wild grass, the solitary sparrow and the whale chasing a seal. I am the chase and the connection – I am all that.

I am the consciousness of oneness. I am in everyone and everything you know, not bound, and yet connected to all, indefinable and yet as intimate as your breath. Do you understand? No, Gaia cannot be understood, but it can be experienced, sensed, known, be.

How can we know Gaia? When we deeply become aware of one another, and of ourself. Every day, choose a time where you can connect with all the world in lovingkindness, wonder,  compassion, smile. Receive the loving light, absorb the love, radiate it all out into the world. The flow that is thus set us. That is Gaia. The sync that is then set up – that is Gaia. The glow that will irradiate your being and all on Mother Earth, that is Gaia.

And when Gaia consciousness blossoms, Mother Earth smiles.

What is your time to hug your mother earth?

HUG(e) HUG(s) are waiting for you. Share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

In sync, we’re Gaia.

~ meenakshi


  1. From Tomasz:
    . … once Gaia spoke warmly..… I am in everyone and everything connected to all of you. I’m yet as intimate as your breath. So, you may simple offer my hug and my eyes view … and in return receive, experience, sense it as my „free Gaia’s – HUG.” After all let know: I qualify every two of conscious Earth right dwellers, who before agree by eyes exchange to be clear in accord, to do free Gaia-Hug till two minutes once a day. but minute at quarter past the hour only. Take it as my giving to people of good will. Let give and receive my ”free Gaia-HUGs” to warm the Life by smile.

    Homo Sapiens or proftomasz, SyncFor Harmony


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