Sync ~ Buddha’s Wesak Purnima

Yesterday was Full Moon, the Wesak or Buddha Purnima where the Buddha and Ascended beings show their presence in the Vaisakh Valley in the Himalaya mountains. It is a mystical, religious, spiritual, natural phenomenon, observed in different ways worldwide.

The Buddha’s message prevails because it shows  that each of us has a Buddha nature, and that it is possible to live a life of compassion, lovingkindness, purpose, in the arms of Mother Earth, to reach enlightenment. The tools by which it has spread are religion, philosophy, history, myth and legend.

Every day, at every hour, this message calls to us.  Mother Earth reminds us of all the great ones who have walked her paths, and whose essence is  wafting in her winds. Listen, do you hear her? Be still. Do you feel them? We are not separated by time or presence. In that inter-connection, we Smile. We are all-ways one: Gaia.

In the loving light of the Full Moon, Go And Inform All: GAIA is calling. And the wonder is – her children are listening.



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