Sync connects to the Ageless, Boundless, Wholeness

When we synchronize, we connect this time to timelessness, we connect from all over the world to what is boundless, we sense the wholeness that has so far just been a word.

When we sync at the appointed time, at 10 minutes past any UTC hour, we find ourselves in a consciousness that is Gaia.

We who love Mother Earth. When we merge with her…. that is Gaia: Mother Earth and all beings. We are Gaia. A consciousness that defines oneness. Gaia is Wholeness. Gaia is Love. Expand into Gaia.

Receive, absorb and radiate.
Gaia is calling.

This is a calling for the millenials, the baby boomers, the indigos, crystals, and rainbow children, the ones who have come with awareness, confidence and a knowing that this world has to change, is changing, and in that changing, it is bringing about a world that is wonderful for all life forms, all inert beings, all atomic and subatomic realities, all dimensions.

In sync, we are Gaia.

In Gaia, we are love.

Share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

In loving light,

~meenakshi ❤

Gaia consciousness

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