Sync…for our grandchildren and grandparents

Why are we seeking to be in sync?
The grandfathers and grandmothers tell us, it is for our children and our children’s children.

I write to tell you about for it bring hope of better future to my 6 grandgrand kids. ~ Prof. Tomasz Sluszkiewicz (93)

Prof. Tomasz has lived 9 decades on this earth, and is deeply committed to harmony, sync and spreading this message by all means possible. Tri-lingual, and with infinite patience, compassion and love, he is our Ambassador for sync, reaching out to global movements and organizers of large events to inform them of the urgent need for synchronizing our daily focus in large numbers.

Here is his latest video, showing how sync comes to be

Prof. Tomasz writes: Millions of regular practitioners gather with their own focus of familiar spiritual practices at a quarter past any UTC hour.
The “Perennial.SubtleActivities-Marathon” emerges, and after rising within few years helps create one virtual “Life Sanctuary” that covers our planet of Life.

The movie visualizes the effect of gathering Subtle Activities like prayers and meditations in the first half of every hour. The chaotic dispersion across the hours on the left side differs from the right side where the settled, time-dependent, orderly dispersion is shown near a quarter past the hour. The minute movements needed to achieve the order are subtle in relation to 24 hour-cycle. The number of praying or meditating entities on the left (chaotic, without order) is the same as on the right surface with Sync.

Know, that each sign represents humans entity like individual or local groups who pray according to their own spiritual activity, together once a day only. So, at each hour ever new people start their meditations or prayers in awareness of global togetherness.

We are synchronizing for our children’s children, and their grandparents and great-great-great grandparents. Sync benefits all. Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

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