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Forgiveness Day

September 5th 2016 is Samvatsari Parva, the Jain Day of Forgiveness, when, after a week of fasting and prayer, followers of the Jain religion seek forgiveness from all beings they may have harmed intentionally or unintentionally.In the spirit of One Light Many Windows, we are all one, and we can all seek forgiveness in our daily meditation, in the sacred silence of our heart space.

खम्मामि सव्व जीवेषु सव्वे जीवा खमन्तु में,
मित्ति में सव्व भूएसू वैरम् मज्झणम् केणवि |

KHAMEMI SAVVE JIVESHU I forgive all living beings
SAVVE JIVA KHAMANTU ME May all living beings forgive Me
MITTI ME SAVVA BHUTESU I am friendly towards all the living beings
VERAM MAJJHAM NA KENVI No one is my enemy
MICHHAMI DUKKADDAM! I ask for forgiveness from all!

Mother Earth is asking us all to forgive, to let go, all karmic pain that has lowered her vibration. Let us seek to do no harm, and to forgive and be forgiven.

Let us sync and share this message with all. Gaia is calling.



About Gaia Consciousness

Gaia consciousness is the awareness that all sentient and insentient beings on Mother Earth's planetary body are inter-connected. As human beings are waking to this, I am facilitating, witnessing and recording. ~ Meenakshi Suri

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