Celebrating the voices of sync

World-wide followers of Islam are celebrating Eid Al Adha today. All people on Earth can celebrate the true spirit of Eid Al Adha today:of brotherhood and sisterhood with all, of willingness to give of one’s best to serve a higher purpose, of willingness to change to a path yet unknown.

Many indigenous people in the Americas are bringing to our awareness that the nature is not to be exploited.  We are an aspect of nature, not separate from it, so the humanity within us in sync with these views:

“The jungle for us is regarded as a living being which comprises many more lives, and in which humans are only a part.” ~ Marlon Santi, former leader of Sarayaku of Ecuador.

Eid Blessings and HUG(e) HUG(s) to all of nature on Earth and from Gaia to the cosmos.

Receive the blessings, absorb them, radiate them, and let them bring to light the heavenly world we all dream of.



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