Today, the earth kisses the moon

Today, the Earth will kiss  the moon, and when she embraces the moon gently, the moon will seem eclipsed.

Tonight, Mother Earth is hugging the moon, and as she does, she whispers her message.
I love you.
Tonight, the Full Moon, is beaming this message to you.
Can you hear it?

Many moons ago, many sunrises ago, Gaia called to me, and I listened. Since then, I have been sharing her message. As are you. For she is the essence of our being, the calling of the soul, the oneness of our dream, and as consciousness arises, Gaia smiles.
~Meenakshi Suri

There is a freely available tool we can use to synchronize. The clock. Synchronize with the Universal Time Coordinated. At a few minutes past every hour, the same minute as the time, e.g. 1:01 2:02 3:03 …9:09 11:11, 12:12 the sync intensifies.

HUG(e) HUG(s)earthmoon
And Gaia smiles.

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