Harmony from Moonrise to Sunset

A few days ago the full moon rose to a sky balanced in yin-yang divine masculine feminine vibration.

Yesterday the sun set on the Equinox, heralding a golden age that is radiating through the world.

The light of joy is emanating through any turmoil you may see. Just be still for a moment or more, once a day or more, at any hour. At a few minutes past any hour, we are in sync, just as nature is. We are an aspect of nature. Let us remember that as often as possible. Loving our Mother Earth is loving ourselves. Tending to her, is tending to ourselves. Being mindful of her, is being mindful of ourselves.

As we sync, we are Gaia: Mother Earth and all beings.

Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

The sun, moon and earth dance in their spaceless time and timeless space, yet the miracle of clock-time helps us to get together to meditate, qigong, smile taiji, meditate.
We are being called to synchronize at clock-times just as we do our other daily activities. The world is changing; when we synchronize, we know this.
In loving light

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