Gaia ~ A personal experience

Gaia is the most personal, intimate experience we have, for we are Gaia. Here is my experience, written when Prof. Tomasz persuaded me to write something as he wanted to nominate our team for the TED Prize. For me, the prize is sync, and what I sense, so I’d like to share it here.

In answer to a question on their form, I wrote:

As a child, I experienced Gaia as Mother Nature, and spent many hours among flowers and gardens, reveling in the wildflowers as much as cultivated ones, in mountain streams and desert sands. Mother Earth was my companion and solace. When I became a mother, the mother aspect of the Earth became close to me, on a personal as well as metaphysical level. In a satori moment I saw AS her.

I began to sense her needs and feel I understand her as I grew into understanding of myself as mother and my children’s needs and growing patterns paralleled humanity’s life on earth. My education in Psychology and Management helped in providing a framework for a practical approach to the world.

When I joined the Zaadz online community, which later became Gaia community, the sense of Mother Earth began to melt into the sense of Gaia. This is how I met an indescribably amazing being, Eli, Swami Shraddhananda. He informed us about the need to tell thousands of people that it is time to pray daily collectively, simultaneously, each person at the same time, with no intention except gratitude and love, and that this wordless prayer would benefit the whole world. His gentle persistence changed my sense of Gaia, and in a beautiful moment, the divine words of the Gaia Minute flowed through me.

9:09 : the Gaia minute
Each day at 9:09 in the morning or evening, let us spend a moment or more
to beam our highest vibration
into Gaia: Mother Earth with all sentient and insentient beings.
To raise our vibration, we can pray, meditate, hold intention
or simply visualize Gaia as healed, healing, whole, radiant.
When thousands of people join together in an endeavor such as this, the
energies so generated can bring miraculous changes.
When each of us does it in our own time zone, our Mother Earth and all of us get the
benefit of a round-the-clock healing.

Since then, Gaia consciousness is growing within me, and I have accepted to work with others to spread the message of simultaneous daily prayer to as many as possible. Over the past five years, while working with a team for organizing Gaia Minute world-wide meditations, I have followed with joy the many global events of meditation, prayer, healing, activism and so on,  which focus on improving the conditions of life and environment on Earth. A nucleus of dedicated people is forming, gradually becoming aware of one another. This inter-awareness is one of my missions. The unfoldment of Gaia consciousness seems crucial  for Terra 2.0 to emerge. When I met Prof. Tomasz Sluszkiewicz, his brilliant idea of synchronizing in the first half of any UTC hour solved the problem of how to help people to synchronize in every time zone, without the need of a complicated organization.

The time first proposed by Professor Tomasz,  jells with my vision of the spiral time, the times that I have been seeing for many years as 1:01, 2:02, 3:03, 4:04, 5:05, 6:067:07, 8:08, 9:09, 10:10, 11:11,12:12

So far, I have met only 5 people in person, and 1 online who sees  all these numbers on the clock. Many see 11:11. We see that and all these as well.

I am reminded of Naniji, my indescribably wonderful great-grandmother, who prepared me for an earth life. She said that we have an internal body clock, and if I just pinch myself each night and ask to wake at a certain time the next morning, I will. And I did (though I didn’t pinch myself after the first night!), very rarely needing an alarm clock or even a watch.

We are here on earth, and every activity of ours is coordinated by the clock. It is an invention wonderfully in tune with our internal body processes, the metaphysical energies that flow through meridians, and connect us to the seasons of earth and to the solar system beyond. Time is wonderfully crafted. Universal Time Coordinated is wonderfully named. Let us use it for another wonderful reality. Let us use time to sync.

When were you called today, to receive the loving light that pulsates hourly around the world? Did you absorb? Did you radiate?

Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling, and it is our own inner voice.

Thank you.

In loving light


Sync ~ by Kes Lee
Sync ~ by Kes Lee


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