Gaia defines our oneness

Gaia is a word, a being, a consciousness to make real what is otherwise an idea, a construct, a teaching almost – that we are all one.

The Gaia Minute is a message that when we come together, all that is not for the highest good just melts away, lost in the love of our embrace. ; that as we merge with our Mother Earth: the one who has this planet as her body, the air as her breath, the flowers her adornment, fruit her gifts, the birds as her song, the butterflies her promise. We live on earth with our animals brothers and sisters, in human bodies, though we may have come from other worlds.

Our daily sync, with any practice that we choose, helps us to feel that the oneness is for the good of all, that in those quiet, still moments, we wish the best for all, and in wishing the best for ourselves, we benefit the world; in wishing the best for the world, we benefit ourselves.

The Hourly Universal Global Sync is a tool to remember that thousands in each time zone are stopping to send loving light to the world, so that when we sync, our HUGS go out into the world, and each who reaches out, can Receive, Absorb and Radiate.

Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling.



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