A Call from Gaia

Breaking News! We’re embarking on a journey. We’re all in it together!

A train is leaving the station, a flight is leaving the airport. A ship is sailing from the port. Or perhaps you prefer a road trip?

~The destination: Land of light.

Mark Henson

Purpose of Journey: Transmutation. ~The cargo: all your own feelings that your being of light-ness cannot bear to see, hear, feel, sense, touch, taste, smell.
~Price of Journey:: RELEASE once a day at any chosen time, everything that is distasteful, smelly, discordant, ugly, harsh, or seems wrong within your own feelings, beliefs and thoughts – of racism, hatred, duality, superiority, separation; for such feelings no longer serve Gaia: the consciousness of our Mother Earth and all beings, elements and energies within her
~ Refreshments on the Journey: RECEIVE the blessings of the waves of loving light radiated by thousands who enter the space of  of loving light for everyone and everything on the earth. Freely ABSORB this blessing, open to receive, for you are a beloved child of Mother Earth;  then RADIATE them out to the whole world.
~Benefits: a feeling of happiness, love, joy and fulfillment at discharging the purpose you have come to fulfill in this lifetime.

The Sights you’ll see: No one will be left behind. Everyone benefits. Everyone expands into their real, divinely guided self. The shadows plaguing the planet, are leaving. We watch them in compassion and let them go.

Benny Anderson

Dear rainbow warriors use the weapons of all layers of light; dear lightworkers, remember that light transcends duality; dear spiritual beings, please wake up and connect to the light within all. This is what we came to do.

Please know, all layers of response are required and are happening. Action, reaction, feeling, meditation, prayer, hope, wishes, intentions – in this dizzying time, all are playing out.

This time, humanity is seeking light not just for one nation, one culture, one country, one group, but collectively, we are seeking for all. Right now, sections of us are blinded or blinkered, because we cannot see the other; we are not looking at one another’s eyes, not feeling even our own heart. But people are waking up, and yes, the shadows are being seen. But as Gaia, as the oneness of all children of Mother Earth, we can see that the planet is seeking all that makes human life more humane.

Each of us will decide the balance between pointing fingers and lending a helping hand; pointing at shadows and drawing out the light; knowing that pointing a finger at others causes three fingers to point back at ourselves.

All shadows are being revealed, so light is responding in compassion. Humanity is growing up. Mother Earth is gently pushing us (sometimes not as gently!) And Gaia consciousness is in its next phase.

Please continue to synchronize every day, be in your highest vibration with wordless prayer, meditation, yoga, qigong, gratitude, or any other way that brings you peace, love and joy. From this space, you are receiving the blessings of the collective humanity, you are open to absorbing them, and then radiating them out.

Share the message of Hourly Universal Global Sync with all. Gaia is calling: the consciousness of Mother Earth and all beings.
In loving light
Meenakshi Suri

Loren D Adams’ Art



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