Today, as you go within, listen to music that helps you to be still, in peace, in silence.

Enter the arms of Mother Earth. Here you find all living beings, all elements, crystals, divine beings, everything and everyone you have known or sensed, is here, in harmony. This is your vision of oneness; this is your consciousness of Gaia.

Receive the loving light into your palms and feet, the crown of your head, and it begins to flow into your energy bodies. Absorb it deeply, for you are beloved and deserving.

When you are filled with this loving light to overflowing, it flows out to all around you, and in its stream, you emerge.

As you emerge, allow your voice to sing out. This sound is  your tone. It is the gift you sing to this world.

What are you sync-singing today?

When we synchronize with one another, the symphony of our sounds lights up our world.

Please choose a time to sync everyday, in the first half of any hour Universal Time Coordinated. Like time on our earth, we coordinate as well. Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling.



Music of the Mountains


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