Day-Sync: One hour, one beat

If a sizable number of believers of different religions tune their familiar prayers, meditations, self-growth practices to globally chosen hourly-marks of UTC (Universal Coordinated Time) system, then they influence other believers mutually  through the bio-magnetic field around our home-planet. This occurs within the first half-hour as one wave of praying in simultaneity. The team-relay of over a million people releases the tide of 24/day such waves of prayers and meditations foci. The living “Global Prayer” fully embraces the Earth-Globe if an adequate high number of participants take part. So may emerge a global, virtual venue, which we may name  the “Life Sanctuary.” …

People become conscious of their own ID, feel our Oneness on Earth, and are led  to change their views from egocentric to world-centric. Everybody on Earth could “enter by heart and mind” into the “Life Sanctuary” at any first half UTC hour for receiving, absorbing and radiating in at least once-a-day  exchange with the world in consciousness. The spiritual power of Gaiafield brings people together. They become aware of their own primary ID-Identity in harmony to natural and  Humans Rights.

~ Prof. Tomasz Sluszkiewicz

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