Sync with the Elders ~ 94 years young

I’m 94 yrs, young 😉  I’m interested in Spirituality, Faith’s m bridging the gap among Religions.~ Professor Tomasz Sluszkiewicz

The Professor, Founder of Electro-Measurement-Chair on the Mining /Metallurgy University in Krakow, Poland, is a linguist: a native Polish speaker who also speaks fluent German, and some French and Russian. He is a man with a vision that he’s turned into a mission.  Enthused by Gaia’s call for daily simultaneous prayer brought by Swami  Shraddhananda “Eli,”  he turned that vision into planetary “Global Prayer Sync.”

It was Swami  who brought from India this Mother’s Earth call: If millions believers daily pray in Sync an endless row of meditations waves emerge in hourly pulse and awaken the Global Heart of Life on Earth.~ Professor Tomasz Sluszkiewicz


How blessed we are that youthful Elders such as he, have realized the value of collective effort, something simple and easy that each one of us can do, to help to make this world one that benefits all beings.

He uses the dictionary to painstakingly share the words in his large heart with all, cajoling those who hear but do not listen, to spread a message that is for us all: SYNC. He seeks people who have large following, and already have a mission for the good of the world, to just add this simple way of synchronizing.

Let us mobilize in spirit. Use our greatest powers active in the fields of interconnectedness:  compassion, love, and forgiveness, as well bio-energetic Gaia-WE-consciousness.  All our Earthling’s  essential nature is oneness in unity with each other and with all of Life. That separatedness from ‘otherness’ feeds fear. But love can dispel fear, and compassion can awaken compassion.~ Professor Tomasz Sluszkiewicz, Sync for Harmony



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