An Elder’s call

–Prayers have got tremendous power and collective prayers are much more powerful than individual,  … pray together simultaneously at the same time to give it sufficient positive energy which will merge with the universal consciousness and  would heal the entire universe. Swami Shraddhananda, ‘Eli’  

Founder of the ” PRAY SIMULTANEOUSLY”– movement.

This post contains the project of a new tool to UNITE our faith Word. The goal is to cohere the disunited spiritual communities of split traditions as well cohere all World Religions.
A row of 24 waves daily of meditations, sacred observances and prayers performed by millions of believers will take place always if made in simultaneity in first halves of UTC hours. The simultaneous timing of the sizeable number of many those observances rests upon the „native“ simultaneity of the UTC. People may influence others by love and compassion through the bio-energetic earth fields at Schumann frequencies despite being far remote one of another. (Each participant pray once a day.)
Abraham as the world-famous father of nations called people to pray in togetherness repeatedly to one Good. First, the Jews, then the Christians, next the Muslims took over this idea to pray more times a day. All they still, just to ongoing days, use the prayers timing based on local-sun-time measure withal losing on world-simultaneity.
Let us now guess. Most probably Abraham had meant: We shall to pray in simultaneity! – But people forwarded his advice as: “Pray together in commonality,” For him and his followers in that very ancient times the earth obviously was flat. So, the commonality and togetherness shine them junctim as simultaneous.
Only now do we know: How connect the sizeable number prayers of world-people in simultaneity? The Earth is a sphere. Matching mutual the significant number humans subtle activities needs a precise time-tunning controlled by unique time measure system, not by the ancient local-sun time one good for flat earth.
Now, millennia after Abraham’s call, we dispose of such a system since 1884. That simple tool named UTC may perform the now chaotical streams of many prayers belonging to various religions into one planetary „Global multi-Prayer“ of 24 waves daily. This Global Prayer helps us evolve toward the world’s togetherness. After once launched the planetary „Global Prayer“ whole Humanity wins the chance to achieve global WE-Enlightenments and each person get the possibility to general self-growth rising of own ethical behavior.
Let us, the whole world of faiths, be in concert with one another.
Respect, hope and trust
Prof Tomasz Sluszkiewicz (94 yrs young)

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