Collective/Simultaneous / Synchronization/  Sync

Watch 32 discordant metronomes achieve synchrony in a matter of minutes

909 UTC

Information on Gaia

What is Gaia?

Meditation – How to

Podcasts – Gaia Minute Meditations
Smile Meditation [pdf]
Smile Meditation in a Wonder World
Moving Meditations -Body, Mind, Soul
Meditation Techniques


A Message of sharing & synchronizing
An Open Invitation for All~ From the Full Moon of Oct. 18th

Messages for the Moment

Today’s seers, sages, visionaries, lightworkers post messages about the world, Earth, Gaia, collective movements, synchronicity. They are available on our blog, and on Gaia is Calling. Subscribe to our blog.

Posters – free click here

Free Inspirational Posters to display and distribute


Gaia is Calling


~A Guide To Prayer~ The Gaia Minute
Gaia Minute Full Moon Meditation
I wish toward “Terra 2.0” – your Mother Earth
Prayer for the Gaia Minute
Swami Shraddhananda – Collective Wordless Prayer
The Gaia Minute message
Wordless prayer
Blessed Unrest – Paul Hawken

Each link opens in a new window.


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