September #Syncpeace

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A Wish of Mother Earth: Embrace me in H.U.G.S* Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync
Every Day – at 10 minutes past any UTC hour


Synchronize. That’s what Mother Earth is asking. Many people around the world are coming together in peace, harmony & oneness. There are many global movements and events of prayer, meditation, light channeling, mindful focus & self-growth. All are welcome, and Mother Earth celebrates you. Can you sense Mother Earth’s wish?

Synchronize our separate, scattered meditation and prayer for round-the-clock H.U.G.S* Hourly.Universal.Global.Synchrony.

Sync Gaia Hug is an initiative that is helping to synchronize global movements that embrace the planet in love and gratitude to bring about a smile world for all.
Hourly.Universal.Global.Synchrony.In giving, we receive
In receiving, we give

We will form an hourly vibrating resonance field of Light, Love, Gratitude, Compassion and Forgiveness that will bring a world of peace that benefits all, without depleting any resources, across our wonderful diversity of language, traditions, nations and beliefs.

What’s Important?


1. Synchronize. Do any practice of inner peace singly or collectively, at 10 minutes past any UTC hour. 2. Think “Ubuntu: “I am because of you! “ 3. Do this 10 minutes once a day or more. 4. Reach and radiate simultaneously to millions in silence as you receive and give blessings to the whole world.

Know-How to Synchronize

Here is a simple, effective, global tool to bring different people all around the world in sync with one another: the Universal Time Coordinated [UTC], Start at 10 minutes past any UTC hour for at least 10 minutes – e.g.: 1:10 -1:20, or 2:10 -2:20, or 3:10 -3:20 and so on, at any time all day and night. When millions of people do this around the clock, the planet is wrapped in a gently throbbing field of resonance 24 hours a day. Each person chooses a convenient, regular time to focus, to add your own resonance to the field. You can be in your own space. You can choose any practice that helps you to connect in harmony with the whole world in your heart. As you practice regularly, you may sense and get aware that others simultaneously join you. This is the video explaining the UTC timing:

Toward Terra 2.0shows how this works. There is no need of logistics or further organization to synchronize.

The synchronization of people’s collective mindful focus will become part of the common good easy to reach everyone everywhere always.

Every day choose an activity to synchronize with Mother Earth and all beings in peace and harmony
Every day choose an activity to synchronize with Mother Earth and all beings in peace and harmony

Is there a specific practice to follow?

No. Follow your own practice, though if you would like to learn, there are resources available. More will be added from our sync family websites. Choose any process or practices that suit you: prayer, meditation, traditional or individual, self growth practice. Practice for at least 10 minutes or more , as many times as you like, starting at ten minutes past any hour. In India and other countries which have a ½-hour time lag with the UTC, [e.g. at 9:00 UTC it is 2:30 IST] the resonance can be achieved at 40 minutes past any hour [i.e. 1.40-1.50 IST etc]. Through this site, we update you on global days of oneness at the Calendar of Global Events. Follow our Blog for updates on different global events for synchronization. Many hundreds who regularly meditate, pray or focus on growth could participate in creating a field of resonance, or hugs for Gaia – Mother Earth and all beings – by making a little change in the time of participating. In this simple way each of us benefits the whole world and also ourselves.

You give once a day, You can receive from millions 24 times a day.

Share this message with colleagues, students, trainees, friends, family and other initiatives. Add your movement to this initiative, and a link on your website to

An Open Invitation for All

A Suggestion

A large number of initiatives in this world care for inner and collective growth and future of Life. We celebrate you and propose that you answer the WISH of Gaia by using the global synchronization in the easy coming together without the need of any new organization.

We ask all responsible leaders and authorities to spread this simple global tool to all global initiatives, prayer groups, yoga groups, universities, schools, gurus, teachers, sanghas, educational organizations and others. We are all on the same level as we prepare for millions of people across all diversity to converge simultaneously through the way of synchronization of a global mindful focus given above.

We work in the capacity of service to share the tool needed to fulfill the WISH of our Mother Earth.

Please share this Open Invitation To all.

In Oneness, Pray ॐ Meditate Together Namaste

The teams of:

Gaia Minute The Key to Oneness, GaiaField Project, Triorigin Smile World, Children of the Earth, Light Channels Movement, The Declaration of Consciousness Movement

and all other Initiatives who would like to co-sign & share, post a comment below.

An Open Invitation for All


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