“The Sync” ~ How To Help Leap Humanity Forward

The sync process aims to make the world a better place for everyone

Let’s make the world betterlighting-up-earths-paths

The last few decades have brought tremendous developments in science, technology and industry: the internet, satellites, nano tech (engineering on a small scale), astrophysics (a branch of astronomy), and many other revelations which have radically changed daily life and have helped create far-reaching consequences.
There are changes through social, philosophy, religious and spiritual movements  using various tools benefiting humankind. All of these have nourished the wish for a better life among people on earth.

We may ask: Have these advancements improved life on Earth? Do science, technology and philosophy meet the giant leap of expectations that people have for a better world? Do they sustain awareness of the miracle of human existence? Have societies become more equitable and humane?

Not yet. Today, despite advances in all areas,  life is not uniformly good for all people on earth.  Although there are no absolutes, and when something is not good or workable, it can always be made so by free will, environment and education to help in survival factors, there is a sense that all people of earth should be able to reach the basic necessities of life.

Einstein gave us two important insights: “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”  and “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” ~Albert Einstein

To leap forward, we need to look at a perspective of what we have gained, and lend energy to social movements, visions, technologies and ideas that have created a culture of communication and compassion for the world.

beingSocial movements aimed at justice and fairness for all have made some inroads, which have arguably helped to bring humanity to a point where a leap is required if we are not to drift or spiral down into the so-called dark ages. There is always a new day and new inertia to help you lead happier and more productive lives. We can always create new energy within ourselves daily.

So it is time for one’s attitude by one’s  own conviction or choice, to become a reliable and trustworthy member of society and cultures living a moral and happy existence. It is time to participate in new as well as known methods of self-improvement. All of this can be done by global synchronization with those who meditate regularly. We have merged numerous individuals and groups, enough to form the nucleus structure in hourly meditation around the world, who now do set a good example to start and maintain a mass movement.

The process of “Sync” can synchronize many millions on the globe at every hour in a simple, wordless method without verbalization… just in silence, and with a smile…

Smile logo by Prof Park, Jae Woo

There are many global movements for the good in the world.  Our purpose is helping to get the word out there broadly as we all synchronize the times of meditation for the good of the planet and humanity.

The simple method of global synchronization

“Open your palms to receive the blessings. Prayer is that…The best prayer is a wordless prayer.

MASS MOVEMENT involving a few thousand people who are meditating or praying SIMULTANEOUSLY (at the same time in this space-time continuum dimension) is what is required to channelize the healing force. At present, these efforts are getting “scattered” because of non-simultaneous occurrences.”

~ Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’, The Gaia Minute Movement

The process “The Sync” is an evolvement of the message conveyed by Swami Shraddhananda ‘Eli’ from the mountains of India in 2009, as a wish of Mother Earth for simultaneous personal and collective prayers. “Gaia” (another name for Mother Earth) is calling  all beings for synchronized prayers and/or meditation by large numbers of people in every time zone. The background of his message can be found at: “Gaia Minute” http://thegaiaminute.wordpress.com


One of the many achievements of modern metrology [study of measurement] is the highest precision of measurement of time as a fundamental agreed upon physical quantity. Time connects the lives of everybody to all the events of the world. The time coordinated UTC is the base of every local time. It is the most reliable foundation for global synchronization. timezone_worldmap

Prof. Tomasz Sluszkiewicz suggests: “Let us introduce the digit – hour “1/0” consisting of two halves of one hour. We assume that :
    The first half hour of the  value “one” or “yes” points to a better  future.
•    The second half hour of the value “zero“or “no” points to the past letting go of difficulties.
The division of the day into 24 digit – hours UTC, unites people all over the world. It becomes a simple tool for global resonance for all world inhabitants.

This is recommended to be involved in the process of the SYNC:

• I synchronize. I opt for those moments of my meditation, practice of self development, enhancement time, or prayer, alone or in a group, that mindfulness, that occurs in the middle of the first half of any UTC  hour [i.e. 1:10-1:20, 2:10-2:20, 3:10-3:20 and so on…].

• I do this once a day for 10 minutes (or more) regularly.

• My silent intention reaches millions of people known and unknown, to improve the lives of loved ones and family.

• I think about how to receive, distribute and multiply the gifts for existence–the Sun and Earth’s resources, water, air, shelter, plants, animals, spirituality, and food for people and all living beings.

• I survive for self and for the greatest good for others as well (similar to the belief: <the thesis of universal bond between all humanity> – The “Ubuntu” philosophy of Zulus). Ubuntu” is very difficult to render into a Western language… It is to say, ‘My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours. ~Desmond Tutu

Millions around the globe practice for ten minutes once a day. You choose a convenient time and place to participate. Do any practice you want, for any sincere performance will connect you in harmony to the world. The planet is then wrapped in a resonating collective consciousness and light vibration of energy  every hour each day.


A large number of global movements, associations, social groups, congregations, various schools, help individuals and groups to work on themselves. The morale of humanity rises. The movements, workshops and schools teach how to “be there comfortably” breathe, and enter a state of focus and spiritual awareness through various techniques of meditation, prayer, while working on self-development, enhancement or improvement, through individual choice of forms of therapy, to arrive at enlightenment, [also called in some practices: samadhi, satori, etc]. The concept is the same as a silent group hug around Mother Earth each day from somewhere around the world creating a sync.


The SYNC-process is available to everyone in your own space and time. At 10 minutes past any hour UTC  [i.e. 1:10, 2:10, 3:10 and so on…] there is sync of our mindful focus. To launch an expansion to the public, the process begins by people like you and me, who practice every day.

A vision: announcements by global organizations like the United Nations and religious and spiritual organizations,  mass and social media and word-of-mouth, the number of participants  increase and multiply for a just, sound and moral life, motivated by self and not  by coercion or fear of penalty. Every hour, thousands more will join this practice, focusing on mindfulness [meaning concentrate on  the concept of “be there”] and resonate on the level of  know-how from personal experience within the first half of any hour. This benefits  self, others and future generations.

Note: For those that choose to meditate as well in the second half of any hour, they can release or let go of  destructive emotions such as hatred, greed or revenge. The process can take a long time or not, it is up to each individual. The “Sync process” generates collective mindfulness (samadhi also called in some practices satori, a higher level of group togetherness through meditation of a great number of participants in sync with time).”

The creation of a better world draws nearer at once with H.U.G.S*: *Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync | Share to Benefit The World


April 2014 .

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