The Sync Vision

The Sync Vision

We envision the children of the earth synchronizing in gratitude and love of Gaia: Mother Earth with all beings.

We envision  a wave of love pulsating hourly around the planet, as we embrace our mother in H.U.G.S. : Hourly Universal Global Sync.

 We envision millions of people adopting a daily practice of mindful focus: breath, intention, light channeling,  meditation, prayer, self-unfoldment to enter the silent still sacred space of wordless prayer whence all is manifested.

We envision the Universal Time Coordinated  helping to synchronize our  mindful focus to benefit the living, the minerals,elements, elementals and environments of earth.

 We envision a world in which there is mutual respect and celebration of diversity,

where we grow from seeing the light through many windows, as light manifests in rainbows.

We envision an earth where life is experienced as a blessing that is received and radiated. As the earth circles its axis, as it rotates around the sun, as the moon circles our earth, we align with these flows for a world of smile for everyone.

We envision that at 10 minutes past any hour in Universal Time Coordinated  each living being will feel such a gush of love and compassion, that it will fill up and overflow. Each living form on this earth will receive, absorb and radiate that pulsating wave of love.

Every living form on this earth is synchronized with that pulsating wave. Sadness and stress dissolve into smile. There is vibrancy, uniqueness and harmony.

HUG(e) HUG(s) . Hourly Universal Global Sync, every day, ten minutes past any UTC hour.

~ Meenakshi Suri for the Sync Families of Individuals and Global Movements

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