*Join TeamSync Speakers

Some of our speakers : Brian Piergosi, Christine Segal, Mathew Hart, Prof.Tomasz Sluszkiewicz [Polish], Meenakshi Suri and more to come

If even one of the  following applies to you, please contact us through the form below:

  • Can you speak for Sync?
  • Are you passionate about a better world for all?
  • Do you feel committed to participate in a world where everyone and everything is in harmony, united in diversity?
  • Can you inspire people with your speaking?
  • Can you set aside your hesitation and intend to be one of the speakers of Sync?

This is the message of Sync: whatever is your practice, sync with the world in the first half hour of any UTC hour.

Then please fill in the contact form below, send us an audio or video clip if possible, of you speaking, or give us your phone number so we can speak to you. If you like, you can also nominate people to speak and give us their contact details.

Millions across the world need to be informed about the message of Sync, which will wrap the planet in an hourly wave of benefit to all. We need speakers in different world languages.

Thank you!


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